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possibly a target but was not in his office at the time of the explosion, it's reported he was planning a visit to the youth camp this weekend. president obama spoke at the white house. >> it's a reminder that the international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terrorism from occurring. >> norwegian tv reported an unknown group called helpers of the global jihad called attacks just the beginning and said they're the response of the norwegian media printing cartoons about the prophet, mohammed. >> it's easy for groups to jump in and take credit for things they have nudge to do with. >> norway is a member of nato, and has been active in afghanistan and libya. prosecuters filed charges against an islamic cleric who allegedly threatened to kill norwegian politicians. bora is from oslo and
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president of the san francisco norwegian club. >> i'm absolutely stunned. you know? i think all of the members of the norwegian community here in san francisco and bay area are just, you know, we're in shock. and we're so saddened. >> his parents and sister live in oslo. he's been in touch with them and following vemments on social media. >> there is a about from what i understand several thousand norwegian citizens in the bay area. i speak for all of us, i think when i say this is a tragedy and our thoughts and prayers are going to our friends and family in norway, right now. >> police say they don't know the motive or if the attacks were the work of one person or a terrorist group. >> and thank you, hajer, here in the bay area, san francisco forensics experts determined a 19-year-old probably killed
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himself in an officer-involved shooting. police are intensifying efforts to find the missing guchblt last weekend's shooting occurred. vick? >> police are now offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can help them locate that gun. the fact that investigators have determined that kenneth harding died from a self inflicted wound does not diffuse much of the anger here. today, the mayor got a taste of that. >> it is right now, it's been time to stop killing youngsters in the community. we need jobs. >> you know me, i'm not giving up on any community. >> i understand that. but it's not just working man, it's not working. >> this exchange between ed lee and a community activist happened just before the ground breaking for a new library. more cordial than the other night when the police chief held a town hall meeting
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to talk about the shooting. the crowd booed and repeatedly interrupted the chief. he gave up and left. that was wednesday night. yesterday a new twist in the investigation surprised everyone. even the mayor. >> it's surprising me. what those forensics say. so i'm probably like everybody else, i went, wow. >> the bullet, removed from his head... >> reporter: the medical examiner announced that the bullet was not fired by a standard police-issued 40 caliber gun, but instead a 380 caliber round that struck him in the head. police have yet to recover that gun, but investigators did find another live 380 caliber bullet in harding's jacket pocket. the chief believes he accidentally shot himself after being hit in the leg but an officer returning fire. here is his theory. >> apparently the officer shot, hit the suspect in the leg so,
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imagine if you would, an instant hamstring pull could cause the person to lurch. a cell phone video appears to show a gun lying on the ground. the chief says an analysis that have video appears to show that it's a 380 or a 9 mm gun. the gun is missing but he says they know who took it and they're looking for him. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> and kenneth harding was a person of interest in a recent shooting in seattle where a woman was killed and three others, injured. do we know, do police expect he used the same gun there? >> reporter: chief sur said in the news conference that it appears it is not the same gun. did he not elaborate but that probably means it's not a 380 caliber or a 9 mm pistol. >> thank you. >> vic lee, reporting live in san francisco. >> we're learning more about
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at rest two of men in the beating of the giants fan, brian stow. they were both arrested in san bernardino county. police say two made incriminating statements that implate pli indicate them in the attack at dodger stadium. a woman was arrested and questioned and has been released on bail. these arrests mark a development in this case. police had previously arrested this man and named him a prime suspect. he's been in custody since his arrest in may on a parole violation. today ramirez's family says they're angry about the accusations against him. >> if you don't have any proof, why did you put a picture of him and say he is? he is the suspect? he is the suspect? no that. is wrong. >> as for stow, his family says his condition appears to be improving.
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they say last night, stow mouthed his last name to a doctor and might have tried to give a thumbs up. he suffered a serious brain injury when being tacked after that home opener in march. in an hour the lapd will be holding a news conference on atest are of the suspect. we'll carry it live for you on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> new details released about the final moments of a plane that crashed into a watsonville hospital. it killed a family of four on board. a preliminary ntsb report says the plane took off in a steep angle, then rolled almost upside down. the pilot may have nearly pulled out of the downward spiral before it plunged to the ground. investigators say the pilot only had the license about four months. the cause of the crash is not expected for another nine month autos fire investigators suspect someone was making drugs in a house that burned down overnight. a man was burned when he jumped out of the window to escape the flames. investigators don't know how
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this fire started but did find 100 butane cans inside of the house. >> i do not know if this caused the fire but this had a significant effect on the growth of the fire. >> the canisters are often associated with drug manufacturing. no one else was hurt in this fire. a miserable heat across the country is actually getting worse now. temperatures reaching 100 degrees today in new york city. with humidity, it felt like 116. yikes. emily schmidt with more. >> this could turn out to be a day unlike any other here in washington. this is an unwilling participant. >> i go home and pass out. >> it could be a record high. by noon, it felt like 111 degrees. by that point, he and the rest of his crew had spent six hours working in the sun. not needing a thermometer to know how hoit was. >> i don't want to look into
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it. i got enough with the heat. >> over in tulsa, oklahoma, it's so dry, there are cracks in people's foundations. dried out earth. >> i don't know what to do. i mean do i put a hose on? >> the heat has already proven dangerous across the country. it could be blamed for as many as two dozen deaths. and back in washington, even the debt debate took on a tink of weather forecasting. >> it's 100 and some degrees outside. i can understand people getting worked up about all of this sort of thing. but the future of america is at stake. >> cooler temperatures, cooler heads could still be days away, leaving people to find relief where they can. a minneapolis movie theater marquis said we have ac. who cares what's playing? >> and with more than half of the country broiling now, staying cool is a challenge.
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it's harder to do if someone rips off your air conditioner, thieves in milwaukee are pushing in ac units to burglarize homes and in many instances making off with the unit as well. it's happened nearly 40 times this month. >> i'll probably go down to the hardware store and get bolts. that is about the best thing to do. >> police say part of the problem is that homeowners are not installing them properly, making them easy to push in, then steal. >> good news is that we're nowhere near triple digits. >> we're so fortunate here, most of the nation is looking at temperatures on an upward trend, we're cooling down here. this evening, there are fog and low clouds at the coast pushing inland and spreading in low temperatures during evening hours from tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies,
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and there is temperatures 56 to 68. then tomorrow afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds, sunny skies inland. temperatures ranging highest temperatures from 60s at the coast to 86 into warmest locations. there is a bit of a warm up coming up later. >> thank you. >> up next, accident that seriously injured arnold schwartzeneggar's son. >> and a study shows where people get their cholesterol medication has an affect on outcome. >> some students say they can't cram without it. a prescription drug making it on back to school lists. >> and taking a look now at traffic, this is not the san francisco sky way. and the left side, the slow go on interstate 80 right now. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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a new study provides further evidence to breast feeding can help prevent childhood asthma. the study found breast feeding cuts the chance of asthma by reducing the number of serious colds and viral infections. researchers say children feed exclusively breast milk showed lowest incidents of asthma. >> patients who get cholesterol lowering medications from the mail showed belter results than those who picked them up at a pharmacy. the study found 85% of the patients that received mail order prescriptions had better control. researchers say mail order pharmacy users have better ak sense ses to medications and therefore, more likely to take
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and refill their medications more consistently. >> and college students will be returning to campus next month, for many, one of the essential school supplies will be prescription medication. a growing number of students are using drugs to help them tokeus even if they haven't been diagnosed with add. one student uses the drugs illegally. this students has a business finance test tomorrow, he's ready. his books, his notes, and his pills. it's a prescription drug that wasn't prescribed to him, but to a friend and he bought it for $5. it's a againeric form of adderol. meant for people with add. he loves what he says it did z to his report card. >> so jared writing a paper not on adderol. >> i'm on you tube, face book,
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listening to music. >> when you take it, how does it change you?. >> i'm more driven and don't focus on anything eels just focusing on getting the paper done. >> nudging is going to distract me or bother me. it's going to be good. >> jared is feeling good, as he studdeed all night and into morning up until he leaves for class. >> i feel ready and got a lot of formulas memorized and stuff i've crammed for. i think i'm going to rock this test. >> jared says lots of friends take adderol like he does. a study found half of juniors and seniors use stim you'llants. this has doctors worried. >> it's a short term, those kinds of stimulant medications can often feel good. in the long run there are significant problems in terms of thinking and mood problems. >> adderol can be addictive, cause seizures and jared says
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he's been taking it two years, and he's sign. he doesn't think he's doing anything wrong. >> it appears you're breaking the law by doing this. >> i see how it is, the law is there, but i consider an unwritten rule. it's just accepted. >> did the pill help with the test? we caught up with him after class. >> i know i did great on the test. >> and that is a difficult situation a. >> go see a doctor. >> heading full speed into the weekend. weather looks great. >> weather does look great. cooling continues but it's not going to be excessive. you're not going to have to wear an overcoat. and it won't be hot. there is a live view now from our high definition camera. looking down into the bay. there is low clouds and fog and pushing through the golden gate and right now, a wide
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range of temperature readings, it's 63 degrees in oakland. and there is 90 in antioch. and there is no change now between current temperatures in fremont, oakland and half moon bay. and there are readings 23 degrees cooler in redwood city. and five degrees cooler in concord. so low clouds, continuing to move inland tonight. cooling continuing tomorrow. will be slightly warmer on sunday and minor change. and here is what's happening into the atmosphere. there is cooling pushing inland. there is another one helping reinforce this cooling that has begun. and there is wide spread low clouds and fog in the inland
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areas and low temperatures will be on a range that we're familiar with. and lows mainly into mid to upper. >>s. mild overnight condition skpdz a pleasant day tomorrow. there will be lots of low clouds around and this will be the pattern tomorrow, clouds in the coast and 70s around the bay and 80s into warmest inland locations. there is mid-70s to just above 80. upper 60s to low 70s. and there is downtown san francisco, 63 degrees, high tomorrow, 61. into sunset district, north bay highs ranging from 70 to upper 70s northward and there is highs from mid 60s to low 70s, inland east bay, low to
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mid-80s and near monterey bay, highs in the 60s near the bay and there is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures bouncing back sunday, then high temperatures below average, monday and tuesday and thursday and friday, highs up to about 90 degrees inland. >> not a lot of change. >> and looks ideal. >> actor jude law filed a lawsuit against rupert murdock's news corps claiming reporters hacked into his cell phone while he was in the united states. the fbi is expected to interview law about the allegations. his suit claims a story published in 2003 was based on information that could only have been known by intercepting his cell phone messages when law was at a new york airport. >> well, arnold schwartzeneggar's son is recuperating from a serious accident it occurred this
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afternoon. chris bailish from on the red has more on how the 13-year-old landed in icu. >> the schwartzeneggar family is making news today, arnold schwartzeneggar and maria shriver's 13-year-old son, christopher is reportedly suffering serious injuries from a surfing accident, in intensive care for a few days. his sister tweeted thank you for concern and prayers for my baby brothers, he's a tough little guy and getting better. and "twilight" fans are getting their fill at this year's comic con. >> this is the most intimidating and daunting out of the series. we finally get married you're not worried they're going to break up, but they have to figure out how to live with each other in a more adult way. >> visit for more updates. love is in the air, celebrity newlyweds are enjoying a paris honeymoon. wipeout host convenient vannessa
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manilow is catching up on rapes in romantic st. barth's. >> up next, pablo sandoval gets a special award for his help off the field. >> and the hands on summer camp showing kids what it's like to be a fire fighter. >> wow, then, later at 5:00 a california man used facebook and e mail to expose naked pictures of women learns a price he'll pay for this crime. >> at 4:21 on a get away friday. at approach to the golden gate bridge looks pretty good. or, well good and did until 30 seconds ago. that slowed down. and heading into the city is kind of sluggish as well. we'll keep you posted on traffic conditions as we continue on the news at 4:00. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
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of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. giants infeed yeg honored by the fbi for his work to help predetective bay area kids. the panda partnered with american football coaches' association, fbi and the national child id program to provide 50,000 fingerprinting kits to kids in san francisco. the kits include a fingerprint id card and dna swab meant to be completed and stored at the child's home. for more information visit abc 7 owe r.. >> dozens of kids finished off a real life firefighting today. they graduated from junior fire academy and demonstrated
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some of the skilts they've learned. take a look. it teaches kids what it's like to be a fire fighter, participants execute drills designed by firefighters including extinguishing real live fires, spraying a fire hose, and climbing a 100 foot ladder on a fire truck. >> this are several hours, what to do in case of an emergency. and environmental environment, hot, cold, emergencies. snake bites and stings. >> this is caught my officers, firefighters and paramedics. >> and i need one of the trained firefighters in my home. >> and ahead in the 4:30 half hour, late news from washington. and also, countdown starts
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today gays will be allowed to openly serve in the military in a matter of weeks. >> and in oakland, secretary of labor paid a visit. i'll have a live report coming up at 4:30. >> our east bay hills camera looking eastward shows clear skies. how will it look this weekend? the answer is in the accu-weather forecast coming up.
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it's still difficult for people looking for work. today we got a glimpse of how tough sit. >> new numbers put california's jobless rate up at 11.8%, despite the fact businesses here added almost 29,000 new jobs last month. it's just not enough to counter act jobs that are disappearing. >> and the numbers there are worse. >> that is right. and latest figures over 15%, compared to over 12% state wide. u.s. secretary of labor stopped here today making a presence. u.s. secretary of labor appeared before the asian pacific american labor alliance to tout president's
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record on job creation in, a city with an unemployment rate over 15%. >> in 16 months,.2 million private sector jobs have been created in the private sector. not public sector. >> everything he's tried is a job killer. >> alameda county republican party chair says the obama administration has delivered far fewer jobs than promised under the stimulus. >> this stimulus did not work. we're over 9% unemployment, still, there are many people who are unemployed. and they're no longer bothering to take a look. >> after the speech a thousand union members marched from downtown to city hall. and saying fewer tax breaks would help create more well paying jobs for the middle class. in exeriville, he toured corporate headquarters of jamba juice, creating 2500
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summer jobs for young people through a partnership with the obama administration. >> we think it's important in this tough economy. we're fortunate the business has been strengthening and we've been able to rise to the challenge. >> and if you dig deeper we're learning more people are out of work for longer periods of time, at least m some of the largest states in the united states and folks are out of work for a year or longer and fully a third of them, out of work nearly a year. >> and yes, laura. picking up on that. and there is a about 30% of the unemployed spend a year, or more, looking for a job so this takes time. >> right now a state judicial committee is meeting to finalize cuts to the state's courts. this afternoon, approving
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slashing $350 million from the system, almost 10% of the budget for state supreme court. trial courts would lose almost 7%. and next up is deciding how much each county will lose. san francisco is already preparing to layoff 200 employees and close 25 courtrooms. >> from what we're here, doing is seeking mitigation, we believe believe there is more money the judicial branch can make available. >> and judges urged the counsel to scrap a computer system upgrade and they say it doesn't work and it's already cost $400 million, so far. they want that money diverted to keep courts open. >> president obama sign aid repeal of don't ask, don't tell today. his signature served as a formal repeal of the ban on gays serving openly.
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abc 7 spoke to former navy lieutenant, zoey doning who won a nearly three-year battle to stay in the navy reserves. today, she called a reveal the last hurdle in a series of hurdles over 17 years. >> that is my unit performed add mirror bli. and that proves what it's like to be what the impact is. >> the repeel will go into affect in 60 days. >> and an hour ago, the president announced he'll meet with congressional debt negotiators at the white house after the speaker of the house walked out of negotiations today. and we have the latest on this developing story. >> speaker of the house john
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boehner explains yes has walked out of negotiations. and said the president is emphatic taxes have to be raised and added the president is adammant we cannot make fundamental changes to entitlement programs, within the hour, the president pushed back, saying the republican no-tax plan just is unacceptable. >> it asks nothing of corporate jet owners or oil and gas companies and asks nothing from folks like me. who have done extremely well and can afford to do a little bit more. and in other words if you don't are revenues the entire thing ends up being tilted on the backs of the poor and middle class families. the majority of americans don't agree on that approach. >> the president says he told speaker boehne skpr. leaders in the senate he wants them in
4:35 pm
his office tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. >> we have run out of time. they're going to have to explain to me how sit we're going to avoid default. and they can come up with any plans that they want and bring them up here when we'll work on them. the only bottom line is that we have to extend that debt sealing. >> let me just say that the white house moved the goalpost. there was an agreement, on some additional revenues until yesterday, when the president demanded $400 billion more which was going to be nothing more than a tax increase on the american people. >> speaker boehner says he's confident the debt limit will be increased. the president is insisting it be increased beyond the next election because next year,
4:36 pm
getting anything past congress is going to be tougher. >> how was bait area delegation reacting to the deal in the works? >> i can tell you they were not happy about it. the president said he was prepared to take a lot of heat from his party. and an east bay congressman said it was total capitulat. oi. on and the president was throwing democrats under the bus. you'll hear more coming up at 6:00. >> and still to come an off the field play can well turn out to be the play of the week. still ahead exchange between two young baseball fans after one of them did not catch a ball. >> and going over the edge in san francisco. how people got the chance to go jason born in union square. >> you could not pay me enough money to could do that. >> and take a look at this. traffic on the bridge. there is no traffic.
4:37 pm
smooth sailing in both directions. if you're heading out and about, traveling nationally this weekend. >> there is friday, a big day for air travel. as you can see we have green lights, and very little in the bay of -- way of delays and however, in the new york area there are delays because of unstable weather conditions, in jfk between 30-45 minutes for the same reason. now, big weekend of weather is coming up here in the bay area, we'll take a look at that in just a moment.
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nfl players reviewing a new collective bargaining agreement. and a player vote is not expected until next week. they're going to spend the weekend reviewing kumts. the nfl commissioner called it an equitable deal. some say the final draft included some things they'd never discussed. a 10 year deal redistributes the annual league revenues and goitsing to go up. and imposes a rookie salary system to try to reign in spending and allows for unrestricted free agency after four seasons. a young arizona diamond
4:41 pm
backs fan may have made the play of the week and getting national attention for what he did during a game between the diamond backs and brewers. >> when you go to the ballpark, you get a souvenir. look at that fan. did he get -- . >> oh, highs sour. the diamond backs fan got it. not the brewer fan. well... no and. >> this kid is going to do this? >> oh, my goodness. >> and what a class act. he was rewarded for it. they were given a quick trip to the press box, an autographed bat, and tickets to a few tour game. he told a reporter it was the right thing to do. by the way the brewers play the giants tonight in san francisco. >> and that is san taftic. >> nice to see. >> and there is another court
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turned them down. the twins say facebook was their idea. >> and going underground for a piece of the mother load. skyrocketing gold prices bringing billion dollar dreams to gold country. ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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we love to give these shots this, is the few from mount sutro. mount tam is off in the distance there it and looks like a fluffy bed of clouds. don't you want to lay down? relax? fant yaftic. rising gold prices convinced some to try again in gold country. sutter mining reopened operations at the am daor down the he -- county mine, expecting to retrieve a third to a half ounce of gold for every ton of rock. sutter mining executives believe there is $1 billion worth of gold out there. >> they say only 0% of the mother load has been explored so there is a lot of potential in this region. i just have gold fever. that kept me here. >> there is gold in them thar hills. the expedition will bring jobs to 100 people and sutter
4:46 pm
mining expects to pour the first gold bar by next summer. >> wow. >> major facebook lawsuit gets thrown out of court, but first a look at wall street. >> closing out the weekend with a mixed market. s and p and nasdaq closing slightly higher. and catter pillar posted disappointing earnings. a judge dismissed the winkelvoss suit, the court ordered the suits be dismissed after an appeals court refused to reopen the settlement. they claim mark zuckerberg stole their idea. the three want facebook to turn over information that. is your latest look at business at new york stock exchange. >> and still ahead this afternoon, first she won over her fiancee's heart. what happened after she said i do won over many others. >> it's cool. and what do you do with it
4:47 pm
besides play games and listen to music? the five best things you can do with your tab blet computer, next. >> and later on abc 7 news, the got milk ads that did more harm than good, especially for the female audience they're targeting. circuith@ çiugabch@c
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it's 4:50 now, taking a look at the commute on the skyway. it's slow going if you're head together bay bridge. traffic moving better, though, as you head south into the peninsula. >> and americans are on track to buy more than 20s million tab blet computers this year. >> it means many more apps. michael finney is here. i'm addicted to words with friends. i know you have nor significant things to tell us about. >> we're looking at fun stuff. it's tough. and you could spend a fortune
4:51 pm
on apps, trying this is great. consumer reports takes a look at the five things tab blets do best so you can get most from yours. jennifer schwartz never leaves home without her ipad. because of the cool things she can do with it. >> i use to it check the weather, first thing when i wake up in the morning and now, i have a book with me because i have now two reading apps on it which is terrific. >> with explosion of ipad sales, and so many other tab blets on the market there is a rich range of apps being offered that allow you to do all sorts of things. consumer reports paul reynolds takes a look at five of the best things you can do with a tab blet. >> keeping on top with a lot of news is a breeze with tab blets. pulse is a great free app that is available. and it let's you subscribe to favorite news sources and arrange them in rows or group
4:52 pm
them sogt by subject like sports or show biz. >> tablets are excellent platforms for reading magazines. color display is big, bright and you can watch embedded videos and other contents that isn't in the print edition. streaming video is another great use of the tablet. apps like hbo go allows hbo subscribers to watch shows just about anywhere. and with apps like ipad garage band, you can create music. it allows to record your compositions and share them via i tunes or e mail. lastly, the design for tab blets like infinity blade offer great fast traffic to draw you into the action. if you want to get the most out of activities like playing games and doing video consider getting a larger tablet with a nine to 10 inch screen.
4:53 pm
and consumer reports says apple's apps are among the best out there. my favorite is smile blaster. it keeps track of your frequent flyer programs. put knit once, it goes back to find them. >> very nice. thank you. >> and one last look at the forecast for the weekend. >> i can't stop smiling. weather keeps getting nicer. there is a look at highlights. low clouds, fog moving inland tonight. cooling started already continuing tomorrow. and we'll have slight warming on sunday. this weekend is just looking spectacular. satellite composite shows another in a series of low pressure systems dropping in and out of the pacific northwest moving northward and reinforcing a cooling trend that started. there will be further cooling tomorrow but it won't be severe just temperatures dropping a couple degrees. overnight tonight there is burning back the time line.
4:54 pm
we'll see clouds sort of settling into the coastline. there is inland just a bit we'll see highs into 60s and 70s, then, farther inland, highs maxing out into mid-80s. there is highs for tomorrow here in the bay area. we'll see highs of 82 in fairfield and concord. 86 degrees in antioch. down south, 78 the high. around the bay, 66 oakland. 69 san ma dayo and north bay, 76 in napa. and clear lake, 0 degrees, and here in san francisco, 63 will be the high. and there is highs 67 in santa cruz z 74 in hol lifter. and there is no extremes, just
4:55 pm
a lovely weekend coming our way. enjoy. you'll get more at ak. -- 5:00. >> dozens of people went over the edge today. >> way over. and this is brave souls repelled off the top of the grand hyatt hotel. >> that is 36 floors part of a fund-raiser for special olympics of northern california. each had to raise a thousand dollars for the chance to do this. >> for those repeller that's go off the outside of the building i encourage them to take their time, and enjoy this sights as they're coming down. and stop, look around. it's amazing. >> there is $132,000 raised so far this year. and still slots open for anyone raising a thousand dollar minimum. i would not be one of them. >> that looks challenging.
4:56 pm
>> scary. >> and you've probably been to an emotional wedding. >> this is a story of a north carolina bride whose touched more hearts than just her fiancee's. >> today, rachel freedman will wear the same dress she was supposed to one year ago. but there are alt races. -- alterations. to make it fit with a wheelchair. >> there is no point in laying there feeling sorry for yourself. >> rachel is paralyzed from the chest down. it happened in may, 2010 just a month before she was supposed to have her dream wedding. >> it happened very fast. >> her bachelorett party a bride made pushed her into the pool. >> i hit the bottom i just felt my body stop moving. >> she called her fiancee from the hospital. the toughest call she had to make. >> i told him straight up, it's -- it's pretty certain i'm not going to walk.
4:57 pm
i broke my neck. i'm going to be in the hospital for a while. >> they decided to put off the wedding to work on rehab like this rug bs by. but today in north carolina one year later the wedding is on. she is ready, chris is ready. he's been by her side every moment. the wedding cost and honeymoon to las vegas being covered by the web site 1-800-registry. today, as her father wheels her down the aisle that is extra. >> i want to get married. i've been with him five years. i love him. that is what i want, more than anything. >> it might not be her original dream wedding but it's a dream come true. abc news. >> and we're told the brides made who accidentally pushed her into the pool and caused her to be paralyzed will be at the wedding and they're friends. she'sing forriven her. >> can you imagine how much guilt that woman must feel? >> just a freak accident oo. thanks for joining us for abc
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7 news at 4:00. >> and news at 5:00 tens right now. >> and several developments in giants fan beating case including a los angeles news conference. >> a man who used facebook to expose naked pictures of women learns how he will pay for the crime. >> angry backlash against got milk ads from a female audience they're targeting. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> giants fan brian stow is trying to communicate. new arrests are nounsed. >> we'll get to his pro gles just a moment. first latest on the effort to find whoever beat him into a coma. los angeles police will hold a news conference to discuss arrests two of new suspects in this case. and john alston is live where he is being treated. john? >> another milestone day for the family here.
4:59 pm
the family learned of three new arrests, what has them excited, his mother says brian stow recognized his children, and doctors think this might be a sign he's coming out of his unconsciousness. a lot happened since brian stow arrived at san francisco general. now, his family learned of the new arrests, they got another surprise. at the hospital this morning, stow tried to communicate with a nurse. >> she said good morning, brian. he was wide awake and he mouthed "morning". she wasn't believing what she saw. she had to get another nurse to come n he was responding. >> and ann stow would not address the new arrests. >> oh, my god everything is coming together, bill. everything is coming together. you know? we're excited. >> nearly three months after the santa cruz paramedic was beaten in the parking lot outside of the dodgers home opener, l.a. police arrested new suspects in this case. yesterday morning

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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 11, Abc 6, Fbi 3, Sutter 3, Jared 3, Arnold Schwartzeneggar 3, Us 3, Washington 3, Hbo 2, California 2, U.s. 2, Brewers 2, New York 2, Concord 2, Antioch 2, Kenneth Harding 2, Norway 2, Oslo 2, North Carolina 2, Los Angeles 2
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